07 November 2012

A 51st State Perhaps?

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While the US went to the pols to re-elect Barrack Obama,  Puerto Ricans went to the polls to  vote on whether to change their ties with the United States.

Citizens in the U.S. island territory cannot vote in the U.S. presidential election, but many were excited to participate in a referendum on whether to push the territory toward statehood, greater autonomy or independence.

The two-part referendum first asked voters if they wanted to change Puerto Rico's 114-year relationship with the United States. A second question gave voters three alternatives if they wanted a change: become a U.S. state, gain independence, or have a "sovereign free association," a designation that would give more autonomy for the territory of 4 million people.

With 243 of 1,643 precincts reporting late Tuesday, 75,188 voters, or 53 percent, said they did not want to continue under the current political status. Forty-seven percent, or 67,304 voters, supported the status quo.

On the second question, 65 percent favored statehood, followed by 31 percent for sovereign free association and 4 percent for independence.

Both President Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney said they supported the referendum, with Obama pledging to respect the will of the people if there was a clear majority. Any change would require approval by the U.S. Congress.

If the vote stays that way what happens next? How long would it take for uerto Rico to become the 51st State?

If it happens this old New Model Army song becomes redundant!


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Why stop at 51? Can we have a vote on making the UK the 52nd State, thus formalising our supposedly special (ie subservient) relationship with the US and getting out of the EU membership debate and the Scottish independence debate all in one go? Another plan of genius from the Don. God Bless America.

jams o donnell said...

A capital plan my dear Don!

Olivia LaRosa said...

Like your thinking, Don. The Republicans will have a hissyfit if PR becomes a state. It will throw the Senate to the Dems. They will throw a tantrum and demand their OWN new state. Just watch!

Olivia LaRosa said...
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Olivia LaRosa said...
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Olivia LaRosa said...

So sorry for the repeats. I kept seeing error messages.

jams o donnell said...

I suppose it's a case of watch and wait. It would do very ill for the GOP if they were to oppose statehood... if PR votes that way.

Looking at the demographics of the vote the GOP is fucked unless it reaches out to minorities

beakerkin said...

Actually at the rate things are going in Guyana there is a better case for making Guyana the 51 state. If current immigration rates continue in 2300 the lat person in Guyana can shut off the light.

I think two of my family members are the only known people who don't want to emigrate.

Puerto Rico has multiple issues before it achieves statehood and it will be years before it happens.

As for the UK joining the USA you would have to send Richard Seymour, Ken Livingstone and any remaining people that own Milli Vannilli records into exile. Is the place where Napoleon was sent vacant?


When Obama's arrogance produces continued endemic unemployment there will be a nasty mid term spanking. Only this time as a lame duck the spanking will continue?

Look for Hillary Clinton to depart
and re-emerge as an Obama critic
unless Biden is pushed out.

jams o donnell said...

The British one is a joke Beakerkin. It would of course be different if you returned to the fold an d let the Windsors reign over you!

I've heard Guyana being mentioned but PR is a US territory or commonwwealth or whatever.(have no doubt it would take time if the vote was to petition for statehood