21 November 2012

From the Kims to the Assads: We still love you

Deutsche Welle  reports that Kim young 'un has sent a message underlining his regime's support for Syria's Bashar Assad. 

As debate rages over whether the international community should provide weapons to the Syrian rebels attempting to overthrow Bashar al Assad, Kim has reminded the Assads how much he and his missus (or perhaps not missus) still love him
"Please accept my warm congratulations to you and the government and people of your friendly country on the 42nd anniversary of the rectification movement in Syria, The rectification movement was a historic event which provided a landmark occasion in the struggle of the Syrian people to defend the sovereignty of the country and build a highly civilized and prosperous new society
 Availing myself of this opportunity," the message concluded, "I wish you success in your responsible work, reiterating the firm solidarity of our people with the struggle of the Syrian Arab people to defend the sovereignty, peace and stability of the country...oh and Bahr Asma if things do go tits u for you therewill always be room on our couch for you"

Three days before Kim's effusive praise for Assad, sources in the United Nations were quoted as saying that the North had been caught attempting to transport missile parts to Syria, in contravention of a ban on weapons exports imposed by the UN Security Council. 

 The 69,225-ton freighter is owned by a Chinese firm based in Shanghai and has been inspected on at least 19 occasions since 2005. The inspections were carried out by the US Coast Guard, as well as naval authorities in Colombia, Australia and the German port of Hamburg.
And so on... With Kim and Assd it proves once again that shit loves shite. Of course Russian sales to Syria eclpise North Korea's.....

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