16 November 2012

Congratulations to the people of Bettws Ward

Yesterday the good peole of England and Wales turned up in their millions, sorry thousands, sorry hundreds, sorry dozens, sorry in their ones and twos to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Well not all of us - We Londoners didn't get to vote.....

Anyway the overall turnout at around 15% was risible but not surprising since there was virtually no publicity. As a result apathy won but in one place apathy won with 100% of the vote. According to the BBC one ward, Bettws in Newport, Wales had a zero turnout. Absolutely no one in the ward voted at all.

That there were no votes in Bettws speaks volumes about the public perception of these pointless elections


Steve Hayes said...

What's the point?

Or is that begging the question?

jams o donnell said...

The general feeling is that tese elections were a waste of time. By delivering such a pathetic turnout the people spoke!