06 December 2012

Still can't get Ted to eat.I have managed to give him his thyroid pills and something for his liver.I have to get him to eat.


Chris Hall said...

My dog is suffering from liver issues at the moment and one of the challenges was getting him to eat.

I think Ted is unlikely to bother with standard tinned stuff so really it's a case of shoving what you can under his nose. A pain but hopefully he'll come across something he can't resist.

Supermarket cooked whole chicken often worked with my dog, something to do with the 'roasted' smell as well I don't doubt. Give it a go.

Claude said...

If he swallows water, there are substantial liquid diets (Ensure), and maybe a fish soup that you can offer. You can feed it to him yourself, carefully, one spoonful at a time, and see if he tolerates it. I did that with patients, and it truly helped for a long time. Of course the vet will know better about a pet.

Dear Ted!

jams o donnell said...

Thanks.I'veforce fed hi so to speak by putting food on my finger and putting it into his mouth.He is swallowing

See if that works

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Tough issues for all of Nature's creatures here. I am interested in Claude's comment "I did it with patients and it truly helped for a long time." My tough question is: but did it really help the patients, or did it just delay the inevitable that Nature had started? My feeling is that when a person or a cat stops eating there is probably good reason for that. Of course I'd hope Ted can pull through and enjoy life again, but if it is his time to go then, sadly, it may be time to let go. If I get like Ted I think I'd prefer to be kept comfortable and allowed to go as easily as possible. I am thinking of the dear cat lad, who despite all our jokes about him seems a lovely creature, and I am hoping for the best for him and Jams and Shirley.

Claude said...

If you want to die comfortably, Andrew, make sure that you don't die dehydrated.

Ted might be just going through a phase, and be too tired to chew. It's worth the effort to try to give him spoonfuls of liquid until one decides it's time to let him go.

As we cannot use euthanasia with human beings, the kind thing to do is to keep them hydrated until the last moment.

Old Know-It-All Nurse.

jams o donnell said...

Well he is drinking water but it's the food that I must force. At least he resisted his pill and food today. Will expect ore resistance when I feed hi later