14 December 2010

Good will to all men, who have regularised their immigration status

Actually this is an oldie, being the e-card the UK Border Agency sent out last year. When I saw it I was astounded that colleagues (now ex-colleagues) could be so stupid as to send this thing out as a Christmas greeting.

I hope to hell that UKBA hasn't put out something like this for 2010


James Higham said...

No, it will be worse.

Francis Hunt said...

I once saw a screen-saver in a TV report about German immigration authorities:

Illegal Immigrants Airways:
You cry, we fly

Unknown said...

I hate to imagine the 2010 model. I chuckled, though. :-D Good find.

Steve Bates said...

Wow. That sounds as... what? arrogant? self-satisfied? ... as anything I've ever seen from any agency in the US. On the other hand, I've never heard of your UK Border Agency shooting someone dead at the border, so I guess it balances out. Or maybe not. We certainly have our share of border nuts on this side of the pond.

(CAPTCHA text: "auntl" ... any relation to Auntie Em?)

jams o donnell said...

Not sure James. I hope UKVA reaiise that issuing this sort of shit only made them look like smug wankers.

Ugh Francis. I was in Immigration control for some year. After getting swept up in the canteen culture I saw the light and found the attitudes of colleagues unpleasant

You have to laugh Sphinx!

Mercifully border staff are not armed.. Civil servants rather than police although they now wear a uniform - something we didn't do in my time