09 December 2010

Mossad sharks

I suppose it should come as no surprise that someone should try and pin the recent shark attacks in the Red Sea on Israel. Usually I would expect some tinfoil-hatted idiot (or David Icke) to make that sort of allegation.

However, the allegation comes from General Abdel-Fadeel Shosha, the governor of South Sinai who said he could not rule out Mossad being behind a series of shark attack on tourists in Sharm el Sheikh, one of them fatal.

Ahram online relates how the theory surfaced on Egyptian tv:
‘Speaking on the public TV program "Egypt Today" yesterday, a specialist introduced as "Captain Mustafa Ismail, a famous diver in Sharm El Sheikh," said that the sharks involved in the attack are ocean sharks and do not live in Egypt's waters.
When asked by the anchor how the shark entered Sharm El Sheikh waters, he burst out, "no, it's who let them in?"
Urged to elaborate, Ismail said that he recently got a call from an Israeli diver in Eilat telling him that they captured a small shark with a GPS planted in its back, implying that the sharks were monitored to attack in Egypt's waters only. .
"Why would these sharks travel 4000 km and not have any accidents until they entered Sinai waters?" asked Ismail.”

A local marine biologist has already stepped up to dismiss the far fetched theory. Mahmoud Hanafy, from the Suez Canal University, pointed out that actually there are oceanic white tips in Egyptian waters and sticking GPS units into sharks is standard practice for scientists tracking them.

Throwing up preposterous theories is not the only sign Egypt is panicking over the shark attacks.

Clearly in the minds of some Mossad has trained wild sharks to cause chaos to the Egyptian tourist trade (even though local islamists seem to be able to do that themselves!).

Ah well I daresay that this sort of rubbish will resurface time and time again, just like a dorsal fin, while Me Hanafy wil be ignored….


Unknown said...

You are the Guru of Petty Dictators. I now pronounce you.

jams o donnell said...

Why thank you Sphinx!

Sean Jeating said...

Well, what can be ruled out nowadays?

jams o donnell said...

Real sharks!!!!