12 September 2012

Hillsborough Indepenent Panel reported today

I won't dwell on the findings of the Hilsborough Independent Panel's findings to long. They are hugely covered by the press

23 years ago 96 people died at an FA cup semi Final at the Hillsborough stadium as a result of being crushed after police utterly mishandled control of Liverpool fans. While the police were held responsible for the disaster by the subsequent Taylor Inquiry  not a single officer was disciplined for the day's events. Worse still the Sun and the Express vilified the fans with tales of Liverpool fans robing and urinating on the dead and dying. To this day the Sun sells relatively few copies in Liverpool.

Today the Hillsborough Independent  released its findings and the findings are damning with plentu of shame to go round. The police and the Ambulance service were far more interested after the event in covering up their misgivings the police then devoted significant efforts to vilifying the fans.

But what makes my blood boil is the revelation that 41 of the dead might not have died if the police and ambulance service not been utterly incompetent. That is not to say that all of these would have been saved but it is possible that the appalling death toll might have been smaller had they done their jobs properly.

Sadly I doubt than many or any of those responsible for this appalling disaster will end up in court.

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