13 May 2007

Brown government speculation 1?

A new leadership means lots of speculation over who is going to take which cabinet post. The People (not usual reading for me) wades in with the “news” that Jack Straw doesn’t want a return to the Home Office, a post he held in the first Blair government (1997-2001), or the Foreign Office for that matter. Apparently he wants to move to 11 Downing Street as Chancellor. This could see Trade Secretary Alistair Darling become Home Secretary with promotions for allies Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper.

Meanwhile, Mr Brown intends to downgrade the role of deputy Prime Minister, with whoever gets it expected to spend most time liaising with the party – a good idea in my view.

All interesting stuff, I suppose – we will see a hell of a lot of this before Brown actually announces his cabinet next month.

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