13 May 2007

More speculation

Home Secretary John Reid has been urged to take over the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party. The SNP victory at the Holyrood elections has led to speculation that Jack McConnell will face a leadership challenge.

Mr Reid has announced that he would leave the Cabinet after Prime Minister Tony Blair leaves office next month. Labour MP Brian Donohoe suggested that John Reid could come to Scotland to lead the party after he stands down. He added there should a by-election in one of the party's Holyrood seats, which Mr Reid could then contest. Once elected as an MSP, he could then become the party leader.

A spokeswoman for the Labour Party dismissed talk of a leadership challenge, saying there was no vacancy and the party was united behind Jack McConnell .

Sounds like McConnell is doomed then....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Scottis Labour is doomed, if they're serously considering Reid.

jams o donnell said...

Could be!