16 May 2007

Brown unopposed

Gordon Brown seems to have secured the backing of enough MPs to ensure he will not face a contest to become the next Labour leader and prime minister. Mr Brown has 308 nominations, John McDonnell has only secured 29 nominations, and cannot now obtain enough nominations to force a ballot. Dr Tony Wright, MP for Cannock Chase, made the nomination that ruled out an election.

No big surprise about the leadership election. Even if John McDonnell secured enough nominations he would have been trounced I fear


Gregg said...

But it does mean Brow will have no legitimacy as leader. The PLP looks spineless and people are already saying the Labour Party selects its leaders through secret meetings at cafes in Islington, rather than anything so mundane as an election. This has secured our defeat at the next general election. On the positive side, with the Brownites set to be discredted by Brown, and the Blairites discredited by not having the guts to challenge Brown, the left will stand a much better chance in the next leadership election (which is, at most, three and a half years away).

jams o donnell said...

On the other hand McDonnell could not garner enough nominations to get on the ballot. I would not be surprised if rather more MPs would have liked a challenge to him but may not have felt McDonnell was a credible candidate.. Obviously I can't say for sure!

A contest would have been good for the party but it ain't going to happen now.

beakerkin said...

Why do so many people who do not reside in the UK presume to know the local issues?

I keep reminding people the only opinions that are valid in a democracy are that of the voters.

jams o donnell said...

A lot of people but they have a right to an opinion. Anyone can have an opinion about any matter, it doesnt mean that people have the duty to listen though.

Some have valid points, othjers don't. Some irritate, others don't but the same goes for ideas of people living and voting in the uk too!