10 June 2009

The Milgram Study of Obedience - Parts III to V


TorAa said...

I'm wordless
Humans or Animals?

Nevin said...

I am a Psychology major and I remember seeing this video during one of the Experimental Psychology classes. I remember feeling sick to my stomach. After the video, we discussed in length, what makes humans cave into authority....

In 1971 another similar experiment was done in Stamford university called the "Stamford prison experiment." In this experiment, Stamford University students randomly volunteered to be either prisoner guards or prisoners. They were told, they are free to do what ever they wanted but were not allowed to leave for a week. Cameras were placed everywhere to watch the interaction between the guards and the prisoners. Well, after 3 days, the experiment had to be stopped as it totally got out of hand. The guards started becoming extremely abusive towards the prisoners. It got so horrible that, after the experiment, the volunteers who were in the role of the prisoner suffered from anxiety and depression for some time.

There is a fine line between beauty and ugliness that lives inside of us all. All it takes is to be in the wrong surroundings.

Here is a link that your readers may find interesting..


James Higham said...

There was a Canadian news article by Stephen Gowans on the implications of Milgram. The lessons were well learned by Them.

jams o donnell said...

Very human I'm afraid Tor and one of them could be one of us.

It is sickening isn't it, more so because we could be one of those administering the "shocks". The Stanford experiment was horrifying wasn;t it.

Thanks for teh link

I'm not sure THEM need to take heed, James, US(collectively) will fall over ourselves to conform!

Sean Jeating said...

I hope TorAa will not take my comment as mockery:
This is, unfortunately, hum(wo)manly.
- - -
This was 'new' for me. Thanks, Jams.
As sometime ago, I refered to the Stanford Experiment, I'd like to pinch this. Hope you don't mind.

jams o donnell said...

Sadly it is Sean.

By all means, I took these vides off You Tube after all!