29 June 2009

More tedious crap from George Galloway in today's Record

George Galloway SS* craps on further about Iran in today's Daily Record. Included in the column are indications of possible litigation against the Sunday Herald and an intimation that the protests were provoked by foreign agents.

Ach I can't be bothered with going any further into Galloway's bullshit. The man is a waste of rations. In the case of Iran he is simply a shill for what is most certainly an ugly regime.

But perhaps he will shock us all by doing something out of character like supporting, say, Mansoor Osanloo, the imprisoned union activist.


Moral_Code said...

I agree, Galloway is the UK mouthpeice of the Iran govenment. What he is doing in mainstream media I will never know.

jams o donnell said...

Galloway is an utter dickhead. No doubt about that