25 July 2011


I was going to write something about the scumbags that have crawled out from under their stones and spouted their lunatic theories about the atrocity perpetrated by Anders Breivik and their apologia and support... and the scumbags that were never under stones.

But what is the bloody point? Arseholes abide regardless of what I think.

Meanwhile in Norway a nation mourns the loss of innocents in a senseless and evil attack


CherryPie said...

As you said there is no point :-(

Anonymous said...

No shortage of idiots spouting lunatic theories on the internet and citing the spoutings of other idiots as their "research". One thing the internet reveals is just how crazy much of humanity really is. It can be a very depressing place to look around. I'm giving up on much of it, after continuing to look for a while out of morbid fascination. No more.

susan said...

Doesn't a lot of this remind you of Orwell's 2 Minutes of Hate? It's very ugly.

jams o donnell said...

Little point. I won't change any minds Cherie.

Sadly so Andrew, probably best now to ignore them. They make me sick though

It is very ugly indeed and far longer than just 2 minuts sadly