09 July 2011

Calligushenko bans applause in Belarus

Belarus is the last Stalinist state in Europe. While it may have elections to actually have the temerity to stand against Alexander Lukashenko and his minions is not recommended, not unless you want harassment, arrest and torture.

Lukashenko is a brutal, paranoid piece of shit whole rules the state of Belarus as if Stalin was alive and kicking but even Stalin never abolished applause!

Actually there is a reason behind his decision and it stinks

The story was picked up by the Economist:

"Every Wednesday a few hundred people come out on the streets of Belarusian cities and wordlessly clap their hands. They may not shout slogans, but everybody knows what it is they are silent about.

Unlike the thousands-strong protest last December brutally put down by Mr Lukashenka, the clapping protests are modest in scale. And though their organisers talk of “a revolution through social networks” their real point is to demonstrate the protesters’ courage and Mr Lukashenka’s paranoia. Each Wednesday plain-clothed thugs with earpieces swarm the streets of Minsk dragging people out of crowds and pushing them into security vans parked in side streets with their licence plates covered.

During celebrations of Belarus’s independence day on July 3rd, the police said that any applause other than to war veterans would be considered an offence. So nobody applauded Mr Lukashenka’s combative speech. But even those, including journalists, who just gathered at one of the city’s squares were arrested"

Hopefully Lukashenko will meet his demise soon. Belarus will be better of for his parting.

Alexander Lukashenko is a proud recipient of the Hugo Chavez "Dictator of Distinction" award


susan said...

Wow. I just had to applaud those people in solidarity.

jams o donnell said...

I did too Susan. What a little piece of shit Lukashenko is

Steve Hayes said...

Is that picture of him genuine and unretouched? The hat is just too much.

jams o donnell said...

I thinks so Steve. Russian officer caps do look a little strange

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Lukashenko is a brutal, paranoid piece of shit"

It's a good summary. Mebbe he needs a medicinal trip to Cuba, like his other buddy.

jams o donnell said...

Hell would be a better destination mon ami!