05 July 2011

Ford pulls ads from NOTW

The Ford Motor Company is the first company to pull advertising from the News of the World today following revelations that a private investigator working for the paper hacked into Milly Dowler's phone when she went missing in 2002

According to the Independent the company said it would work with alternative media instead, including papers in the News International group such as The Sun and its website.

A spokesman said: "Ford is a company which cares about the standards of behaviour of its own people and those it deals with externally. We are awaiting an outcome from the News of the World investigation and expect a speedy and decisive response. Pending this response we will be using alternative media within and outside News International Group instead of placing Ford advertising in the News of the World."

Other companies also said they were considering pulling their advertising from the newspaper. Halifax and NPower are currently >reviewing their options.”

Others, including the Co-op (much to my disappointment) have made no move as yet.

This is going to hurt the paper hard. If the troglodytes that currently buy the shitrag vote with their feet and a fair proportion of advertisers pull the plug then the News of the World is in huge trouble.

This will be utterly deserved. I hope more advertisers follow Ford’s lead.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

That is certainly good news. Cool. Let these creeps go belly up.

jams o donnell said...

Agreed. I wonder if Murdoch will pull the plug on the paper