25 July 2011

Sleeping in your Devil Mask II


CherryPie said...

Halloween :-O

jams o donnell said...


beakerkin said...

I have granted your wish and delinked the blog. The tone of your comment was so out of wack at first I suspected you did not write the comment.

Sorry, you are going through a rough stretch. I suspect that I was merely a convenient target for venting.

Beck picked the wrong time to make his remarks, but a political camp does indeed have a nasty odor. This does not excuse butchery that was an outrageous crime. However, even in the USA Communists and racial arsonists seem to be the only groups that run youth camps.

Sorry, but as a step father I encourage my daughter to find her own interests which oddly is traditional dance and music. I support my kid in her deire to learn this hobby which at times is seriously painful. The Harmonia is an odd instrument that eludes me.

Agree to disagree Jams

good luck