23 December 2011

The best blog post of 2011

2011 seemed to be a year where the blogosphere slowed down. I was very sorry to see the passing of Modernity's and Renegade Eye's bogs. Ren gave this blog a big boost when the Poor Mouth was in it's early days, back when there was more politics and fewer photos.

MY general enthusiasm for blogging has fallen this year. That said 2011 saw more posts on the Poor Mouth than any other year but that is down to the sheer number of photos I've taken (more than 7,000 so far).  And March saw my millionth visitor, a Dane looking for porn but finding one of my photos of lily beetles in flagrante!

Oh and I won Knatolee's Hen Haiku competition, The prize was a delightful book she illustrated called Katie of the Sonoran Desert

While I would not pretend there has been any quality writing on this blog, the output of my favourite bloggers has remained consistently high.If I had to choose my favourite blog post of the year (which I am going to do or else this post would have even less point than it does!) I would have to go for The Art Class on Adventures, Ink.

Adventures, Ink is written by Susan of Phantsythat and deals with stories from a very rich life. Back in the early sixties when Susan  was just 17, she decided to make some extra money to take her to Europe by working as a life model.

Susan provides some sage advice about posing - do not stand on one leg, do not keep your arm above head height for too long and for pity's sake don't try any positions learned from calisthenics!

But perhaps the best advice is not to wander around naked in the break to see how the artists have drawn you and  certainly not to take them by surprise... unless you want to see them tip back out of their chair!

It is a delightful story which is made all the richer by Susan's wonderful line drawings/It is well worth checking out if you want a smile!


Typotomaton said...

"do not stamd on one leg"

Not sure I could staMd on a leg even if I had any

"Ren gave this blog a big bost" Ow! A big BOST sounds nasty, whatever it is

jams o donnell said...

Ah a bost is like a boost but more succinct and far more efficient!

I doubt you could stamd on a leg!

CherryPie said...

My writing has been lax over this year too. I have mostly posted photos and without my byplay in the titles and tags...

The V&V site has kept me on my toes for being creative and writing properly.

Drat!!! I see the system reboot didn't sort out the problem of Typotomaton :-O

Knatolee said...

Hey, thank you for the book plug! I am honoured to be mentioned. :)

jams o donnell said...

YOu're welcome Knat!

susan said...

I don't know how I found this just now after missing in in December but I want to let you know how grateful I am that you offered such a fine review of 'The Art Class'.

I too feel as though my output has been much less than in other years - well, it was actually - just 80 posts on 'phantsy' and very few new Adventures. Now I promise to try harder and will look forward to our continuing friendship.

You do have a great blog.

jams o donnell said...

You're welcome Susan. It is one of my all time favourite blog posts. I look forward to seeing more phansythat and Adventures Ink posts this year