30 December 2011

People of the year:

Even in the worst of things some peole shine through. The riots that blighted many of our inner cities (and suburbs and a few towns large and not so large). Whatever the underlying causes of the riots the results where the same: idiots shitting on their own doorstep

Paulone Pearce struck a chord with her angry tirade.

Perhaps it is a cliche to say she was saying what a lot of people were thinking but in this case it is true

Tariq Jahan lost his son Haroon when a car ploughed into a group of young asians who were on the streets to defend  properties and businesses from looters. Tariq's anguished words the following day almost certainly calmed down what could have been a vicious escalation in violence in the Handsworth area of Birmingham.

It would be wrong to canonise Pauline and Tariq but what they said at the time and place were more powerful, heartfelt and sincere than any thousand watchword filled speeches from a politician or so called leader.

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