21 December 2011

Favourite photos from 2011, part 1

All Photos © Shaun P Downey 2011


Tim, February 2011

Skull Chador, March 2011

Tim, March 2011

Tim, March 2011

Yellowjack, May 2011

Fountain Naiads, January 2011

Francesca, April 2011

First photo of Li Winter April 2011

All Photos © Shaun P Downey 2011

If I say so myself it's been a good year for photography. not least because of my collaborations with m nephew Tim and his best friend Li Winter. Both are excellent models and they have taught me an awful lot about portraiture, something I had never taken seriously before.

My usual subjects, flowers and insects have taken rather a back seat but this is perhaps no bad thing. My landscape photography has not improved. Sadly it is still as poor as ever....


susan said...

It has been a good year for your photography and I think it likely true that most good photographers do tend to specialize.

jams o donnell said...

Why thank you Susan!

Claude said...

You have worked very hard this year, and you have a splendid portfolio, Jams. Congratulations to you, and to all your models.

Warm wishes for the Holiday Season. All the best to you and family. Always!

Jimmy St James said...

You've taken lots of good photos this year, Jams. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I like yellowjack best of these

jams o donnell said...

Why thank you!

CherryPie said...

You work on your portraiture has been excellent. It is an area I do not cover at all apart from self portraits from time to time.

As Claude said, you now have a great portfolio.

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Cherie. I am definitely glad I started portraiture and people pics