29 September 2007

Scumbag Irving is still a liar

Warning strong language ahead

David Irving: anti-semite and Holocaust denier

The Guardian reports that Irving is back in the UK. A stint in an Austrian prison does not seem to have softened him. He is still a piece of anti-semitic shit.

Irving who was described by a high court judge as a Holocaust denier and a racist, says he is launching a comeback with a speaking tour of British cities and a series of new books. "I have kept a low profile for several months because I have had to sort out where to live and to address my financial situation. But now I am ready to start again."

In 2005 Irving was sentenced to three years in jail in Austria after a judge ruled that two speeches he made in 1989, dismissing the Auschwitz gas chambers as a "fairy tale" and questioning the existence of extermination camps, breached Austrian law. His appeal was upheld, with the judge saying the crimes were a long time ago and that Mr Irving had undergone an "impeccable conversion" (???????????????????????????????????????????) . However, Irving says that his views on the Holocaust have crystallised rather than changed. He says that he believes the Jews were responsible for what happened to them during the second world war and that the "Jewish problem" was responsible for nearly all the wars of the past 100 years: "The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune, but that is the short version A-Z. Between A-Z there are then 24 other characters in intervening steps." (My emphasis to underline what a piece of slime this man is)

Lord Foulkes, of the Labour Friends of Israel, said: "It is a frightening thought that he is still pursuing his agenda." Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies, said Mr Irving no longer had any legitimate claim to be a serious historian.

Irving still insists he is a respected academic. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) He says that a document, which he is 80% sure is genuine, suggests that 2.4 million Jews were killed in Poland, but goes on to claim that the gas chamber at Auschwitz was fake. "It was not the centre of the killing operations - it has only become a focus because it is the site that is best preserved. Much of what is shown the tourists there is faked postwar - watchtowers, even the famous gas chamber."

"In my opinion now the real killing operations took place at the Reinhardt camps west of the Bug river. In the three camps here [Sobibor, Belzec, and Treblinka] Heinrich Himmler's men (mostly Ukrainian mercenaries) killed possibly as many as 2.4 million in the two years up to October 1943. Asked if he now accepts there had been a Holocaust against the Jewish people he said he was "not going to use their trade name". He added: "I do accept that the Nazis quite definitely, that Heinrich Himmler, organised and directed a programme, a clandestine programme, for the liquidation of European Jews ... and that in 1942-43 alone over 2.5 million Jews were killed in those three camps." He added that Hitler was "completely in the dark" about the programme.

Oh please. So what about Wannsee? Was that a fake too? Does he really believe that Hitler was utterly unaware of the Holocaust (unlike that vermin Irving I will use the word). Is he calling the survivors of Auschwitz liars? It is clear that Irving has not changed. He was a lying piece of shit who got his just desserts when he went up against Deborah Lipstadt and failed. He remains a lying piece of shit now.

Given that I have been posting quite a lot on free speech recently I would not suggest that his views be suppressed. Irving has a right to say what he says, even if it is utter bullshit. I, on the other hand, have the right to call him a liar and an evil bastard


Siani said...

I hate, loathe and despise the c**t word, but even that is too good for Irving. Why doesn't he push off to Iran and stay there? His anachronistic, twisted, neo-Nazi mindset has no place in our society. Auschwitz never happened? Yeah, right. In that case, neither did WW2! Hitler was in the dark about the Nazi genocide agenda? Sure, he was - and I'm Pete Burns! I'd like to go to one of Irving's speeches just to heckle him and pelt him with rotten veg, but his thuggish supporters would probably give me a good kicking.

Gattina said...

A rather disgusting person !

Agnes said...

Maybe people aren't disgusted enough.

jams o donnell said...

Well said Siani, he would get on with that other Holocaust denier, Ah my dinner jacket. Ahmadinejad himself needs to realise there are gay men in Iran, preferably by getting sodomised roughly by two or three hundred of them!

Oh he is a vile person Gattina. Very popular with your Vlaams Blok I woudl imagine

I wonder Red. Perhaps he should deliver his views to a group of Auschwitz survivors. With any luck he won't get out alive!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I too would loath to interfere with his right to free speech, but would like to interfere with his face a bit.

Oops, somebody has already done it:


No matter, this case could bear a repeat performance ;-)

Agnes said...

Jams, I used to wonder. I don't anymore. Freedom of speech is not (or shouldn't be)about tolerating intolerance. And the problem is that he would get out alive, you see. There was no Holocaust, is holohoax, Stalinism and the gulags are about milk andn honey, and we all know who preach that...Ahmadinejad is quite popular in some circles, and i am fed up... deleting my blog, that was an accident, but this hiatus is partly due to this crap. And this cunthead
gets a lot of publicity, and people dismiss him (in the best case) as ridiculous. If my memory serves me well, there was a conference about the Holocaust in Tehran not long ago, and I failed to see (something wrong with my eyes?) our brave bloggers commenting that, except those also on my blog) who praised it. Ask my aunt, 1. there was no holocaust, 2. not enough died in it. Now may I get a bucket....

jams o donnell said...

I wonder if a good beating with a lumphammer would make him change his mind Snoopy. If not it would be fun trying!

jams o donnell said...
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Anonymous said...

"I would not suggest that his views be suppressed"

But he shouldn't be allowed to profit from them either.

jams o donnell said...

Perhaps he should be forced to donate his profits to an appropriate charity Riger. Despite the free speech issue I think he;s a piece of shit.

jams o donnell said...

Red, letting scum like Irving have his say is the downside of free speech. I couldn't advocate his silnece yet champion Murray's and ireland's right to free speech.

Still the point about "old frineds" is true. Pocho et al are blinkered wankers who see nothing but the evil of the USA (yes there is a hell of a lot to criticise there) but see anything anti american as okay by definition. That is why you get the likes of him dancing a jig over 9/11 and praising Ahmadinejad or whover regardless of what they do.

Other members should know better than associate with him. Why a feminist like Lysistrate consorts with the ling old misogyinist beats me. Ren's team membership spits Maryam Namazie's face.

I would love someone like him to have five minutes alone with someone like Elahe who knows what its like to be a woman in Iran. Then again he is a misogynistic shit so her word would probably matter little to him.

beakerkin said...


How different are the comments at far left sites from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?


1 Jews have too much power
2 Jews use the Holocaust as a club
to extort money.
3 Holocaust denial
4 Jewish conspiracies behind 9-11 and leading America into Iraq.
5 Jews own the media
6 An unatural obsession with Israel that is held to unnaural standards. The same people who hold Israel to these lofty standards scream at even the most cursory examination of Muslim or Communist history.
7 The abuse of Nazi and Apartheid comparisons.
8 Odd theories about Khazars.
9 Flat earth archeology like claiming there was no Jewish presence in Israel. Obviously Josephus, Greeks, Babylonians and Egyptians are all part of this conspiracy.
10 Jewish Americans are traitors.

One can see these comments in any far left forum.

Agnes said...

You think these are on the (pseudo) left agenda, Beak? Nah, also part of the far right discourse (after all, the roots are to be found there), and the whole shit originates in the Eastern European anti-semitic tradition. (I had a whole collection of that lofty shit.)

Jams, only oxen are consistent: and nothing is more consistent than praising Saddam and Iran simultaneously (sic!) while preaching about wymin's rights and such minor issues. Let alone gay rights, except the right to be executed. And people don;t react... generalizing is too easy, isn't it?

For a reason I fail to understand (my simplistic mind), somehow I cannot see Ahmadinejad and gay rights hand in hand. 4 legs good, two legs better, etc.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I just soaked up everything redwine had to say.

Why aren't you blogging any more? I like that you deliver your thoughts with a bite to it!

jams o donnell said...

All too many (any is all too many in my books) cross the line into anti semitism Beakerkin. The same goes for the far right too. Red makes a very valid point about its roots being an eastern european tradition. (bbviously I'n not the expert on such matters).

To me Beakerkin, a leftist anti semite like, say, Pocho or a far right anti semite like the Holocaust denying leader of the BNP are both the same in my books - scum.

How wonderful to praise Saddam and Iran, given what Saddam did to Iran in 1980! Whend did some of our "old friends" ever preach about women's or gay rights when there is so much anti americanism to spout?

The Cat said...

David Irving is an excellent writer and historian whose views seem to worry people so much that they have to resort to juvenile name calling, and cowardly personal insults, in an attempt to discredit him, because none of his enemies are brave enough to debate with him.
Dave Catleugh