21 April 2008

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s seminal work Theory of Cinematic Art shamefully ignored in the decadent West

According to the Korean Central News Agency (the journalists that give you nothing but the plain unadulterated facts)Saturday saw the 35th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's cultural masterpiece "Theory of Cinematic Art" . It serves as a great programme for the building of socialist literature and art as it systematizes the Juche-oriented literary and art ideas and theories and methods in an integral manner.

The work has originality, great attraction and vitality as it systematizes from a new angle all issues arising in building and creating socialist literature and art as a Juche-oriented idea and theory of literature and art and guiding method and evolves all-round theories of politics, economy, ideology, morality and culture and all other fabrics of social life and all fields. The theory of seed whose validity has been fully proved not only in the field of literature and art but in all fields of revolution and construction today, in particular, was enunciated by Kim Jong Il in a unique manner in the days when he brought about a radical turn in the movie industry and literature and art.

He never laid down the great guidelines for building the Juche-oriented literature and art in his study or in his office. These were provided in the crucible of the dynamic drive to effect a signal turn in the movie industry. Herein lies another aspect of the greatness, scientific accuracy and truth of his ideas and theories. He also brought about a radical turn in the fields of opera and drama, thereby effecting a signal turn in literature, music, fine art and all other fields of literature and art. Korea of Juche thus witnessed the renaissance of the 20th century that startled the world people, concludes the article.

Just to underline this point here is an example of Korean animation in which a child foils a US invasion, learns geometry in the process then forms a maths cell in accordance with Juche principles. Enjoy!

Getting a wry laugh out of KCNA is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, eh?


James Higham said...

Shooting fish in a barrel is about as much as I could manage. Well done again, Jams.

jams o donnell said...

THey are always good for a quick post James!

Roland Dodds said...

I had never seen that video clip. Pretty good compared to a lot of the stuff that has come out of N.Korea's film center.

jams o donnell said...

Good god, I shudder to think what the bad stuff is like!