16 April 2008

Schillings still trying to gag bloggers

You would have thought that Jabba the Uzbek and his pack of shysters (trans. Alisher Usmanov and Schillings) would have realised that issuing take down notices to internet service providers to silence allegations about his criminal past were counter-productive. The ham fisted attempt to gag Craig Murray and Tim Ireland united Arsenal fans and people of all political persuasions. Rather than suppress the allegations they were spread across the blogosphere. They were discussed on the national news and were even repeated in the European Parliament,

This is probably old news but Schillings were still trying to gag allegations in February. On 22 February South African blogger Pickled Bushman received a letter from Schillings in his inbox – Usmanov’s bottom feeders had sent a take-down notice to his ISP demanding that a post restating Craig Murray’s allegations be taken down. Pickled Bushman has removed the post from his site but has reposted it and the letter from Schillings on a site hosted in South Africa. Schillings and Usmanov can huff and puff but they can’t blow the posts down.

Good for Pickled Bushman. It is absolutely ridiculous that Shills, sorry Schillings, are still trying the same tired tactics to defend the reputation (hahahahaha) of a very ugly character (and I’m not referring to the fact that he is pulchritudally challenged).


Sean Jeating said...

There are idiots, and there are big idiots. Mr. Usmanov is not an idiot.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Pickled Bushman is a fantastic blog name!

If W. had a blog it might be Pickled Bushman Liver.
(I know he stopped drinking. Damage might already be done though?)

James Higham said...

Needs to be explored - we may have to act again.

jams o donnell said...

Indeed not Sean. He didn't get to be an oligarch by being an idiot. That said the tactics used by Schillings et al were bloody stupid!

Is it just his liver that got pickled. 'm sure it must have scrambled a few brain cells too EWBL!

I wonder if there is the will James. Even so it shows that Schilings haven't changed their spots