04 March 2009

BNP screws up Euro Election poster

Nick Griffin and his rabble have chosen "Battle for Britain" as its European Election slogan. The election poster shows a nice picture of a Spitfire.

All nostalgic stuff , designed to link the BNP to the RAF’s finest hour – But RAF history experts have identified the iconic plane used as belonging 303 “Kościuszko” Squadron, one of a number of RAF squadrons flown by Polish pilots.

BNP party chiefs defended their use of the image and insisted they knew all about the background (Pah and I fathered every Sugababe). However, John Hemming, MP for Yardley, Birmingham, noted: "The BNP... have a policy to send Polish people back to Poland – yet they are fronting their latest campaign using this plane.... It's obvious they just picked an image at random and they are really clutching at straws if they say this was deliberate."

(Another image of the plane used by the BNP- note the Polish symbol close to the propeller)

Simon Darby, spokesperson for the British National Party, said: "It's not like the BNP are against Polish people as a nation. We are against Polish people coming over here and undercutting British workers.”

303 sqn pilots - I suppose Darby would have been against these guys too

I’m sure that the BNP would have opposed the employment of the likes of Zdzisław Krasnodębski and Witold Urbanowicz (who commanded 303Sqn during the Battle of Britain) – I’m sure they were undercutting local workers too.

Oh and here’s another Eastern European worker who I am sure the BNP would love to deport too. He can be found in the War Grave at Hornchurch Cemetery, hear St Andrew’s Church

Flight Sergeant Konvalina was based at RAF Hornchurch at the time of his death. He served with 313Sqn which was one of four Czech squadrons within the RAF during WWII.

303 Sqn was just one of a number of Polish squadrons serving in the RAF during WWII. The other squadrons were:

300 (Masovian), 301 (Pomeranian), 302 (Poznan), 304 (Silesian), 305 (Wielpolska), 306 (Torun), 307 (Lwow), 308 (Krakow), 309 (Ziema Czerwienska), 315 (Deblin), 316 (Warsaw), 317 (Wilno), 318 (Danzig),

Click here for brief histories. Wikipedia has more detailed information on each of these squadrons, It goes without saying that their squadron badges take pride of place on the floor of RAF St Clement Danes


SnoopyTheGoon said...

He he. You got them, Jams, although your denial of fatherhood of these sugababes... I don't really know ;-)

CherryPie said...

With statements like that, it seems they have scored an own goal!

Anonymous said...

BNP Blithering Nuthouse Party

Silent Hunter said...

8% of the pilots, 12% of the kills in the Battle of Britain.

Just shows how good the Polish were.

Not to mention their Enigma work, the Warsaw Uprising, Piorun, etc...

jams o donnell said...

I don't think I could make that claim with any seriousness Snoopy!

Indeed and how sad Cherie!

Good one Ely Voice!

That is very true SH.. don't forget Anders and II Corps at Monte Cassino

Damon Lord said...

The word FAIL springs to mind.... :)

jams o donnell said...

There is a bit of the "2/10 See Me" about it Damon!