20 July 2007

16 months and no charges?

The BBC is reporting that nobody is likely to face charges after the cash for honours investigation, despite four arrests. Tony Blair and former Tory leader Michael Howard were among the 136 people interviewed during the course of the investigation.

The Crown Prosecution Service is set to announce its decision in the morning. We shall see. It looks after all that the investigation was a whole lot of nothing. I dread to think how much this all cost.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

How much it all cost? Or how much corruption money switched back and forth to keep things quiet?

jams o donnell said...

The investigation cost £800,000. I think it wil have ensured some dubious practices will stop. That applies to teh toreies every bit as much as to labour

frolix22 said...

I believe the whole lot of them are guilty. However, it is very hard to investigate and convict people with wealth, power and elements of the state apparatus to assist them in their defence.

It makes their weasel whining about the "Gestapo" investigation all the more irritating.