25 July 2007

More Cameron woes

There are times when even I almost feel sorry for David Cameron. The timing of a visit to Rwanda seems to have blown up in his face. Leaving aside discontent at home it seems that even Rwandans are wondering what he is doing visiting the African state at a time when constituency is under water.

Interviewed on Rwandan Television earlier today he was asked “What do you have to say about continuing with your visit to Rwanda when part of your constituency is completely devastated by floods?” Cameron did reassure the people of Rwanda that he was in constant contact with his constituency and the he hoped to return there soon.

In the meantime another poll is showing the Tories well behind Labour. A Guardian ICM poll, gives Labour 38% and six-point lead over the conservatives who at 32% are on their lowest share in any ICM poll since Michael Howard was leader. This sort of lead would give Labour comfortable majority at a general election

While Brown is on the rise, Cameron seems to be in growing trouble: 21% of voters say their opinion of him has dropped since Mr Brown took over. Conversely almost one in four Tory voters say their view of Mr Brown has gone up since he took over.

The Lib Dems are on 20%

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Anonymous said...

I recently heard someone refer to David Cameron as a 'vapid toff'.

As Tim Nice-but-Dim would say "Yah, but he is a bloody nice bloke..."

jams o donnell said...

Lol Roger. At the moment he seems to be Sadim, the anti-midas. Well everything he seems to touch at the moment turns to shit