29 November 2006

Don't they know (it's getting on for) christmas time?


Now we are heading for winter I don't spend that much time in the garden even though there is still a fair bit of tidying up to do. Although most plants have either died off or gone into dormancy some plants do not seem to have given up. My fuchsias are all in bloom, even the tender ones while the hebe has just started putting up new flowers. Either this is a little bit of evidence of global warming or some of my plants would go out in Newcastle on a January weekend dressed only in a pair of shorts!



mullet said...

something like that....has november been wet or what?

jams o donnell said...

pretty wet but not as bad as it has been for you up in Scotland.

mullet said...

drenched...gives us something to talk about.

You would know....glasgow airport, eh? where did you live then?

jams o donnell said...

I live on the eastern edge of London.. it has been a bit wet here but nothing like what you have faced.

Steve Bates said...

Beautiful pics, jams.

In Houston we've had an exceptionally late onset of Fall, which is never a very long season here. Earlier this week it was 80°F in the afternoon. Today and tonight we're going to get very wet and possibly frozen... but for goodness' sake, it's almost December!

jams o donnell said...

I never imagine Texas having snow. I think of it being a damn sight hotter than the UK all year round. Right now it certainly is!

THe climate (if you can call it that) is pretty mild here but we should have had some frost by now and there has been hardly any. As for snow, we havent had a big fall here for years.

Steve Bates said...

To this point in my life, Houston has gotten snow about once a decade, and miserable ice storms somewhat more frequently than that. Snow is so infrequent, and we are so unprepared for it, that businesses often close when it snows, so that employees won't face the perils of driving to work.

The last time it snowed here was in December a few years ago, the morning after I played a Holiday Lights job on an open-air stage in Hermann Park (one of our two large parks). The contractor on that job, sensible person that she is, allowed us to wear coats and headgear over our concert garb... but I still just about froze my fingers off. It can get really cold here, but it doesn't do so very often... less often as the years go by.

Yes, I am concerned that someday, maybe not in my lifetime but within this century, Houston will vanish beneath the waves. As often as it floods here now, the question is whether anyone will notice.

jams o donnell said...

WE aren't up to dealing with much snow either but perhaps a bit better than Texas!

I don't envy you performing in that weather it must have been miserable. YOu can hardly wear gloves when playing an instrument can you??

There are some places that will be very vulnderaqble to global warming here.. the South and East coasts will be hit worst as Britain is actually movine - the North and West rising, the rest sinking (rebound from the Ice Age). This will add a little to he problems. Here's hoping we wont be around to see it.. here's hoping that the powers that be will come their senses.. I won't hold my breath!