03 November 2006

Two more faces of Ted

Ted Looking imperious

Ted just looking weird

This week's entry for the Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats


Frank Partisan said...

Ted is contamplative.

jams o donnell said...

Normally contemplating the sticking of claws into us, Ren! Srprisingly though, Bryan is while he can be a git, he is great with the local children who all seem to love hime.. even the neighbours. A couple of years back he ate one of their hamsters!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Awwwww, it appears as though not wife is burping Ted like a baby. Not wife has gorgeous hair, by the way.

Ted lets it all "fang" out in the second picture. Hamster Assassin Extraordinaire! Let's see what he can do about these annoying little beasts, because Hamster Dance is a blight upon humanity! My kids play it endlessly too.

Steve Bates said...

Ha! Ted is just showing his fangs for Halloween Week. Why not? If there are Twelve Days of Christmas, Halloween should get at least seven.

In the first picture, Ted does not seem really to be struggling to get away from not-wife (who, as EWBL notes, has really nice hair), but merely making a pro forma display of getting away... after all, a cat's gotta keep his self-respect.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Where are you jams? I bet the trick-or-treaters assumed you to be a man of great wealth what with you distributing Milky Way chocolate bars with reckless abandon on Halloween like that. Did the little monsters take you hostage until you surrender your entire candy booty to them?(hee hee "candy booty") Didn't you train Ted to be your personal attack cat and head of Poor Mouth security?

Wendy Hoke said...

I think Ted looks indignant!


jams o donnell said...

Ted always looks indignant ww he's a cat!

I love the not wife;s hair ewbl, steve She rearely cuts it and then only to trim the split hairs