04 April 2007

Bullingdon Boris - Pompous in Pompey

Boris Johnson searches for new people to offend

Boris Johnson's campaign to offend the nation seems to be continuing apace. According to today's Independent Johnson, the shadow higher education minister, went to Portsmouth recently to talk to students at the city's university. At the he was being chauffeured in a £340,000 Maybach limousine as part of a road test for GQ magazine

Johnson was apparently unimpressed by the city describing it as "one of the most depressed" towns in the south of England...too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs". The people of Portsmouth were equally unimpressed: A picture of a bandanna-wearing Johnson appeared on the front page of yesterday's Portsmouth News under the headline: "You Twit".

Local MP Mike Hancock, (Liberal Democrat, not Labour) demanded that he recant publicly, "He is living up to his reputation of being a buffoon and a prat," said Mr Hancock "He is talking out of his arse and this is typical of Cameron's Conservatism... And for him to talk about people with a weight problem is ridiculous. If you imagine the supreme example of manly fitness, Boris Johnson is not the name that comes to the fore,"

But the Conservative Party - despite harbouring reasonable chances in both the city's constituencies at the next election - was standing by its man. A spokesman said: "Boris speaking his mind, in only the way Boris can, is preferable any day to Labour and Lib Dem politicians who try to cover up the truth."

In October 2004, Mr Johnson was ordered by his then leader, Michael Howard, to visit Liverpool to apologise after accusing the city of showing disproporttionate grief following the murder of hostage Ken Bigley in Iraq. Two years later he accused the people of Papua New Guinea of cannibalism.

Some might laugh off Johnson as a buffoon but it is clear that he is a liability who is not fit to hold office should the conservative win the next election... Hold on.... A liability I say? Carry on Boris, there are millions of voters out there just waiting for your bon mots...


beakerkin said...

He could be running a talk radio show in the states and earning a real paycheck.

Anonymous said...

"...too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement..."

That statement implies that there is an acceptable level of drugs, obesity and underachievement. I wonder if Boris means the standard set within his own party.

In the words of Linda Smith, "Language isn't his first language."

jams o donnell said...

Make him an offer Beakerkin!

LOL Roger, I didn't look at it that way!

Matt M said...

Old Boris is a great media personality, and a real liability to the Tory party - what is there not to like?

Steve Bates said...

You asked me once about our Newt Gingrich on this side of the pond... I believe I see a resemblance, and not just physical. Newt's good at offending people, too, and he took his party down with him a few years back. Oh, and he thinks he's running for president.

jams o donnell said...

I wonder how many seats he's worth Matt.. I doubt that he would help here in ROmford.. if teh voters will elect Rosindell then Boris won't help!!

We shall see Steve, Boris has offended wuite a few people so far. Whether he has the scope to do the same as Newt, remains to be seen..