06 April 2007


In a brief interlude from criticising any architecture that isn’t Palladian, Prince Charles seems to have turned his attention to DVDs.

"I much prefer videos to DVDs," he revealed to Esquire magazine. "I find it so annoying having to go through the menu and finding the spot where you left off every time you try watching it in a different location." The heir to the throne, who (allegedly) required a valet to squeeze his toothpaste out for him, apparently does not have a man to operate the machine.

Perhaps it’s high time that the Duchy of Cornwall’s coffers could stretch to the post of Chamberlain of the DVD player. Or perhaps he can come kicking and screaming into the 17th Century


Anonymous said...

The man is an idiot. For someone who holds some grace-and favour position as Patron of the Royal Opera House, he needs a sharp lesson in matters such as sound quality, choice of language for subtitles (or none at all). With his money he should have a home cinema. He probably has a black and white portable-TV/DVD combination with a 14" screen.

Elizabeth-W said...

That is the funniest thing!
Do you think that has anything to do with age? I mean, certainly his sons don't agree, right?

elasticwaistbandlady said...

When are you going to add the title of "Master And Commander of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Butt Wiping Service" to your resume, jams?

That man needs all kinds of help.

jams o donnell said...

Indeed he is Gert.. as a work colleague would describe his: "a waste of rations". I suppose the problem is that he has one functiom, sorry two functions: to sit on teh throne and to ensure the line continues.

He's done the latter and he's been waiting for years for his mum to pop her clogs. Keeping the heir occupied has always been a problem.

I think its down to having no real function at present and a surfeit of privelege Elizabeth. When he becomes king (eventually) hhe will have to shut up.

But not that help and not form me, I assurte you ewbl!

jams o donnell said...

from and assure!