21 April 2007

Geranium versicolor

The garden is going mad, many things coming inot flower much earlier than usual. This one we would expect next month


beakerkin said...

It is now 75 degrees in the North Coutry. I am off to the VT Bayou in search of oversized turtles and Wood Ducks. That is a Duck species, not hunting decoys.

jams o donnell said...

It about the same temperature here today - not good weather for the London Marathon.

It's a beautiful duck. Ornithology or hunting? I hope the former

beakerkin said...


I would never hunt wood ducks. Duck season is in the fall and way off.

Most NYC/NJ residents have a secret
fantasy of eating the hated Canada Goose. Canada Geese are everywhere in NYC and make many parks a mess.

Earl just jumps in the car on his own. He stays wherever the freezer
chest is with the food. I could be in the swamp for hours and as soon as I open the chest out comes Earl looking for food.

The wood duck is very hard to find
but then again one seldom sees Moose. The moose also live in the swamp and are massive but you want
to keep a healthy distance.

There are Great Blue and Night Herons all over the place.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Geraniums in the States aren't nearly this lovely. I know there's different varieties but the most prevalent around Houston are the red roundish petals clumped into one big blossom at the end of the stem.

jams o donnell said...

We get quite a few geese, especially at the local nature reserve.. We dont have an waful lot of open space nearby so any we have is to be treasured!

It soudns wonderful to be there Beakerkin

The versocilor is a pretty little one. I love it. The red ones strictly speaking are pelargoniums by soudsn of it. Nice enough but teh species perennials are much nicer in my view