01 April 2007

more favourites: Blondie - Maria

You can't ask for a better comeback single. I was delighted when it went to number 1 here in the UK


elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yep, I vaguely remember this track. My favorite Blondie song will always be 'Rapture,' though. Although, my Papi would call it 'Raptor!'

jams o donnell said...

This was their comeback in 1999. I liked Blondie very much so it was good to see them back and on form (okay their last stuff from teh 8os like teh Hunter stunk but we forgive them!)

beakerkin said...

Deborah Harry is very much a NYC local and charming in person. My favorite was in a local store someone asked her if she used to be Deborah Harry and she smiled she still was.

Oddly the woman who was loved by a generation fell in love with a creep. The band was inactive when one of the members Stein fell ill and Harry took care of him. Stein married someone else shortly later.

jams o donnell said...

They were very popular here. It was a shame they fell apart. They snorted too much of teheir earnings up the nose stupid sods.

As for Chris Stein.. it seems shitty after all she did for him.. Then perhaps she is beter off without him