23 April 2007

What the over sexed dog in your life needs?

Randy dogs and legs were made for each other, just like nitro- and glycerine... ! have been fortunate never to have a dog ever seek to use my leg for sexual gratification. Others, of course, may well have suffered this indignity but help is at hand:

A French designer has come up what he describes as the Hotdoll, the first dog sex toy for dogs. The Hotdoll is a plastic playmate specifically shaped so the hips feel like a female dog. And covered with a 1cm-thick gel skin to keep them soft to the touch. They come in black, white, large and small.

Designer Clement Eloy said the Hotdolls are a 'natural way to control a dog's sexual impulses'. He said he came up with the idea after his friend's dog had to make use of a cushion and wondered why they didn't have dolls for dogs.

I had to check the date to see if April Fool’s day was three weeks too late this year! On the other hand I suppose for those dog owners who consider it somehow unacceptable for their dogs to scrabster* their legs then the Hotdoll is just the ticket I suppose....

Source: Metro

*Scrabster: either a town in northern Scotland or the expression used by Douglas Adams in the Meaning of Liff to describe such canine capers


Elizabeth-W said...

Blushing over here!!!!!
That is the funniest thing ever!

jams o donnell said...

It's either a great innovation (well great if you're a dog!) or an utter hoax.. I couldnt resist the picture though!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

That's disgusting. It's putting the world's second oldest profession, Doggy Whorehouses, out of business.

jams o donnell said...

Pah so people though being in the dog house was a bad thing!!