19 April 2007

Celebrating St George's Day

In response to greater interest in St George's day in recent years (although I suspect that a fair proportion of patriotic Englishmen and women would still be hard pushed to give the date of his feast day) there will be a day of events in London. The main event will be a celebration of English humour in Trafalgar Square, the highlights being a screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and an attempt to break the world record for the biggest number of people playing in a coconut orchestra (at present the record is 1785 and was set in New York). There will also be a screening of Futtock's End if anyone remembers that!

Needless to say the idea of comedy on St George's feast day has caused outrage, well outrage is a bit strong but the One London Party(both of them) is up in arms. Damian Hockney, leader of Party, said: " Now that he (Livingstone) has been reluctantly forced to acknowledge the presence of the English, he has done it in the most bland, insulting way possible - by ignoring the rich indigenous traditions of London and England and instead focusing on the vague, generic notion of English humour. Will he be screening episodes of Father Ted' at the annual St Patrick's Day festival...?"

Why not humour? It is one of the things we are meant to be famous for. Besides, I daresay the screenings will get a good attendance and people will have fun in the process. As for Father Ted on St Patrick's day I say bring it on!

For me though the day will be another work day. I will commute to London, do my job, get irritated in the process, go home and probably blog something.


Matt M said...

'Monty Python' is one of the things that makes me proud to be English, and celebrating with '... and the Holy Grail' seems a great way to get people interested.

Speaking of the great Dragon slayer, have you seen this:


I think it's quite an interesting idea, but doubt it'll catch on.

jams o donnell said...

Thanks for the link. IO do like the idea,, especialyy if it annoys the likes fo the One London Party!.

Sadly you're right...it probably won't catch on