02 April 2007

Oswald Mosley: Fascist, but kind to animals

This curious item appears in today's Guardian . Mosely may have had no qualms at being called a fascist or an anti-semite but the merest suggestion that he mistreated animals, would bring a storm of protest. Records released into the National Archive today show he wrote furious letters demanding an apology, after magistrates chided him for neglecting the pigs at his Wiltshire farm.

The former leader of the British Union of Fascists (who had had spent three years interned as a threat to national security) was charged in1945 with over-crowding and under-feeding his pigs. Although magistrates threw out the case without hearing Mosley's defence. He had been anxious to prove his pigs suffered from a worms infestation which gave them their emaciated appearance, and had expert witnesses to support him. Mosley flew into a rage when the chairman told him: "The bench do not consider the prosecution has proved its case. We do, however, consider you should have been fully aware of the state in which the pigs were, and should have taken earlier steps to see they were properly cared for and better housed."

The Daily Herald described the reaction: "Striding towards the bespectacled, elderly Colonel Kingsmill, the former fascist leader shouted: 'Am I to be subject to stricture because of your observations, against which I have no right of appeal?'" Soon afterwards, he fired off letters to the Home Office and lord chancellor. The file released by the National Archive contains a brief response explaining the home secretary had no power in the matter.


beakerkin said...

The term fascist is so overused it is a cliche. Anyone to theright of Tony Blair hears that word often.

Oddly the people who use this term most frequently would be improved by a conversion to genuine fascism.
Italian Fascism was odious in its own right but far less so than the Bolsheviks and Stalanist who bandy the word around aimlessly.

As far as anti-Semitism Il Duce was far more evolved towards Jews than Ken Livingstone or Galloway.
Italy made great efforts to save its Jews in the Holocaust period.

jams o donnell said...

In Mosley's case, Fascits is correct - he founded the BUF, the Britiish Union of Fascists. He also had links with the Reich (His second wedding was at teh Goebel's residence. Hitler was one of teh only guests there). Chances are if the UK had been invaded he would have been a British Quisling.

Mussolini was not Hitler.. He was extremely unpleasant in other matters. Cant see elderly Ethiopians remembering him fondly!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

One would think that a 'pig'like Mosley would tend to his own kind a little better.

A radio talk show host that I listen to occasionally is always getting slammed by left-wing pundits as being a conservative Bible-thumping zealot. However, thanks to Mike Gallagher's efforts in starting a charity to assist the homeless animals left behind by Katrina, the same critics have revised their rhetoric to include that while they disagree with his ideology vehemently, at least he's genuinely concerned for animals.

Agnes said...

"the same critics have revised their rhetoric to include that while they disagree with his ideology vehemently, at least he's genuinely concerned for animals." - Utter cynism. EWL, let us be happy that animals can't vote....

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Well, it's pretty crappy that his critics only regard him as a human being because of his animal welfare efforts. He also has a foundation called Gallagher's Army that helps fallen and return soldiers. I haven't seen much commendation for this. I guess the animals take precedence.

redwine- I'm not just cynical.....I'm SUPER CYNICAL! Except I look stupid in my Super Cynical cape and tights.

jams o donnell said...

THere was little to like about Mosley. He might have been so different (he was a tory then a labour MP before he embraced fascism) but he went over to teh dark side. He would have been thh british Quisling.

There are similar sorts to Gallagher here too. Good that they do things like animal welfare and the support for soldiers. I would respect those while disagreeing with their other views.

There are tmes to agree to differ