20 April 2007

Father Ted - Speed 3

Father Ted with all its extreme silliness was one of our favourite sitcoms. Set on Craggy Island, a fictional and god forsaken spot island off the Irish coast , it featured three dysfunctional priests: Father Ted Crilley, who had embezzled money for the funds to send a child to Lourdes (or perhaps it was resting in his account (although he swore the funds were just resting in his account); Father Dougal who would lose a thinking contest with a piece of lichen and Father Jack Hackett, a whiskey priest (and a brandy, beer and vodka priest too)

This episode is a spoof on the Speed movies. Pat Mustard, an amorous milkman loses his job because of Ted. Dougal takes on the milk round but Mustard has a terrible revenge in store. The episode features, a mass on a trailer a brick and a lot of hairy babies.. Enjoy!

Sadly Father Ted ended after three series and a Christmas special. The death of Dermot Morgan (who played Father Ted) shortly after the final series means that it will never return.


Matt M said...

I love my brick!

jams o donnell said...

Fed up with bri-ick!