14 June 2009

The Iranian election

Skim throught the blogoshpere and you will see many words written on Friday's election. I was planning to add my two cents worth but I have very little that is new or original to that has not already been said bring to the party. That doesn not mean I won't say something!

Ahmadinejad's victory is a sham. The result was rigged and quite ineptly rigged at that. Ahmadinejad remained popular among his core voters (rural dwellers and the urban poor) despite high unemployment and inflation and a slim victory in the low 50s was very possible. The result given shows Ayatollah Khamenei's (the real leader) contempt for the for those who wish to see at least some degree of liberalisation in Iran.

My next post will say far more about Iran than I could ever say.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep. On the other hand, a more hysterical puppet vs a less prominent one doesn't really change the picture.

jams o donnell said...

THen a gain a degree of liberalisation may be harder to roll back by the mullahs, There is a desire for change in a lot of Iranians