21 June 2009

Veronica Guerin’s probable killer dies in prison

Yesterday’s Irish Independent reports the death of Patrick Eugene (Dutchy) Holland, who was named by gardai as the killer of journalist Veronica Guerin

Holland (70) was found dead by prison officers around 6am in Parkhurst prison in England where he was serving an eight-year sentence for his role in a £10m plot to kidnap an English businessman. The UK Prison Service said that he appeared to have died from natural causes.

Holland's name was placed on a list of key suspects for the murder of 'Sunday Independent' journalist, Veronica Guerin, in June 1996.Intelligence gathered by the team of detectives indicated that Holland had been the pillion passenger on a motorcycle that was used in the murder Gardai were that Holland fired the fatal shot as he and another gang member, Brian Meehan, pulled alongside Ms Guerin's car. But they were unable to secure the evidence to ensure that he would be convicted on a murder charge.

Holland was later convicted on drugs charges and served nine years of a 12 year sentence. Within a year of his release he was one of five people arrested by police in London following an undercover operation.He was charged with involvement in a "honey trap" kidnap plot and sentenced to eight years in jail in May last year.

Ms Guerin's mother Bernie said simply: "May the Lord have mercy on his soul

It is a shame that worthless piece of shit did not die in prison serving a sentence for Guerin’s murder but at least he died behind bars. Rot in Hell scumbag


Michelle Morse said...

While I wish my sentiments were more along the lines of Bernie Guerin's, I am afraid I have to agree wholeheartedly with jams.

jams o donnell said...

Me too Michelle!