09 October 2008

Jacques Brel

Today is the 30th Anniversary of Brel's death. And here are some covers of Brel songs

Marc Almond

Scott Walker

And of course the late, great Alex Harvey!


Sean Jeating said...

This time it's you who was faster, Jams. :) Good on you ... and Jacques Brel!

Mia Celeste said...

You've introduced to some singers I know little about. Thanks.

jams o donnell said...

Haha beat ya Sean! Great stuff eh?

Glad to be of service Brenda

Ardent said...

There is some serious Déjà vu happening here.

jmb said...

Ah the great Jacques Brel. I haven't listened to him in ages. I used to have vinyl discs but I should look for CDs. No doubt they have released some.

jams o donnell said...

Deja vu Ardent? I've seen it all before!

His worl is very easily available on CD jmb

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Very Frenchy! I couldnt' stop watching his gargantuan Adam's Apple when he sang.

There's a French Pop station and a French classics station on my XM Satellite radio. I bet they play Jacques Brel on it.

jams o donnell said...

I bet they do play Brel (even though he's Belgian!)