04 January 2011

An expected pleasure.

I purchased 10 CDs (vols 4-13) from the Mindrocker series on CD just after Christmas (rather cheaply I hasten to add for the benefit of those worried about where my pay off is going!) . During the 80s there was an explosion of of compilations of obscure 6os US garage bands, the Pebbles series being the best known. While containing tracks from some of the better known bands of this genre, including the Moving Sidewalks (a forerunner of ZZ Top) the real treat for me is finally to have Captain Groovy and his Bubblegum Army on VD. I did have this song on vinyl at one time but god knows what became of that particular LP.

Anyway, for your delight and delectation (and not for the first time on this blog) I present Captain Groovy in all his glory!

Ain't I a saddo!


James Higham said...

Captain Groovy! Captain Groovy!


Kay Dennison said...

Gotta love it!!!!!!!!


jams o donnell said...

Tres Groovy Jemes!

It's a great song eh Kay?