15 January 2011

Sexual Harrassment Panda

For no reason whatsoever except that I actually do love South Park!


Anonymous said...

I just cannot make out what is being said on most of South Park,due to a mixture of the precise frequency of my tinnitus, the pitch of the voices, the speed of speech and the accents. It frustrated me hugely, sitting around unaware of what everyone else is laughing at, and they got fed up with me asking, so I gave up. Wonder if it would work for me with subtitles? Wouldn't be able to read fast enough I expect. All of which I am telling you for exactly the same reason as you put up the post: "no reason whatsoever".

jams o donnell said...

Shame that you can\t make it out. South Park is crude but very funny and gloriously absurd. There are few things it doesn't swipe at.