04 December 2011

Feeling honoured

I received a welcome message yesterday from Minoo, an Iranian artist whose work I regard highly. I haven't spoken to her for a long time so it was a pleasure to hear from her. It was an even greater pleasure when she asked me to take a look at the draft of her new book and give feedback, particularly on the English text

The book is an overview of her twenty years as an artist. Central to this is her war series which was inspired by her husband losing a leg during the Iran-Iraq war. The central motif is a false leg which takes many forms.

But it is not a painting with the false leg motif which I consider her strongest. It is this painting of a pair of savagely torn combat trousers. For me it is one of the most powerful piece of war art I have seen

Dark as much of her work is, I like it very much. It was a pleasure to see the book before it is published next year (not that it will be available via Amazon or stocked in Waterstones, sadly).

The text check hasn't taken too long. I should finish tonight. Definitely a small price to pay for a preview of an excellent art book!

Minoo's site is here I would strongly recommend a visit.


Anonymous said...

Your friend is extremely talented, I like her work very much

Sean Jeating said...

I remember you posting the above picture a while ago. Impressive a piece of art.
Will the book be available, Jams?

susan said...

That really is a magnificent photograph.

jams o donnell said...

I'm so glad you think highly of her work. Her themes are dark but she is a superb artist.

Sean her book is being published in Iraq. It would be great if it got a wider audience

Sean Jeating said...

So, when ordering a copy for you, will you be so kind and order one for me?

jams o donnell said...

Sean I will ask Minoo about getting copies when it's published. It will not be published in Iran because of some of the content.

Claude said...

So much realism and poignancy in her art. She is a great illustrator and historian. War is a lot more than wearing poppies on Remembrance Day.

Thanks for sharing her vision. Hope the book, with its message, gets a wide audience.

jams o donnell said...

That is so true Claude. Was remembrance is for more than a single day in November. Minoo's work is superb