04 December 2011

Lands of Home

Chemical Alice were a local band hailing from the early eighties. They played a lot locally and garnered a reasonable sized following, albeit locally. I first saw them in 1981 and saw them ten times over the following year.  They were very much a prog band who certainly liked Hawkwind (as you can tell from the song above)

They only released on 12" ep called Curiouser and Curiouser, a limited issue of just 1,000.  

Good uality copies can fetch a high price. They are collectible by Marillion fans - They poached their keyboard player Mark Kelly from Chemical Alice. My own copy is pretty knackered.

It's good that someone has put three of the songs up on Youtube. Hopefuly someone will load Goodnight Vienna one day.

I must admit that the copy on my ipod is from a download I found on a blog dealing mainly with British rock rarities from the early 80s.

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