08 February 2012

At the bottom of the football pile

Three years ago I posted an item about what I thought was the lowest league
in the English Football league system, namely The Bristol Downs League division Four,

At the time Tebby AFC Reserves (team motto:Passion, Precision, Pint) were at the bottom of this division. I am heartened to see that now they are sitting comfortably in mid table. The team currently holding up the whole league is Luccombe Garage (P15 W0, D6, L9 Pts 6, GD-32). I cannot find a website for the team but four people like their facebook page (four more than the Homs branch of We Love Bashir Al Bastard Society).

In fact the Bristol Downs League is not part of the football pyramid at all. The  Division One champion can go no higher. So sadly neither Tebby Reserves nor Luccombe Garage can aspire to play in the Premier League. Ah well. I'm sure it does not spoil their enjoyment of the game.

In fact the bottom of the English football league system (a hierarchy with the Premier League at the very top) is represented by just one league, the Mid Sussex League, Division 11.

At present Scaynes Hill FC's third team are at the bottom of that league (P8, W0, D0, L8, GF4, GA62, GD-58, Pts 0).

With a fair wind, Scaynes Hill's 3rd team will ascend all eleven divisions of the Mid Sussex football league, sail through the three divisions of the Surrey County league, storm the three divisions of the Isthmian league, breeze through the Conference South and the  the National Conference, beat all comers in Leagues two, One and the Championship, beat Lokomotiv Lulworth to win the Premier league in the 2035/36 season and  smash Shaktar Vaduz 7-0 to lift the Champions League trophy at the Wankdorf Stadium the following year.

As a cat can look at a king, anyone can dream!


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sorry, Jams, have to remind you that 2014 is coming, and Brazil is looming. Nothing personal, you understand, just a reminder about the harsh reality.

jams o donnell said...

Well the chance of England winning is somewhere between fat and fuck all!