13 February 2012

West without East (and an Essex dragon myth thrown in for good measure)

I could choose a thousand songs here but here's on by  gricer band Blyth Power. Enjoy!

PS Wormingford in Essex doesn't  have a dragon myth - it has three dragon myths.

According to the Wikipedia entry for the village:

The modern form of the place name, recorded from 1254, gave rise to three stories of dragons, (worm meaning serpent or dragon). The first story says the village is the location where the patron saint of England, St George, famously killed his dragon. A mound in the village is said to cover the body of the legendary dragon.

The second, apparently unsubstantiated, is that a crocodile escaped from Richard the Lionheart's menagerie in the Tower of London and caused much damage in Wormingford before being killed by Sir George Marney. There is a stained glass window in the local parish church (St Andrew's) which depicts this event.

The third, written in 1405  told of a dragon who threatened Richard Waldegrave's territory near Sudbury but fled into the Mere when pursued.

Pps a gricer is a hardcore trainspotter


susan said...

I like the first story best.

jams o donnell said...

Tis a good story isn't it