11 August 2012

Best games for Iran

SOme nations are having a very good games. One of them is Iran. The nation's previous best tally of gold medals came in Sydney where three were won. The most medals won at any games was seven - three silvers and four bronzes in Helsinki back in 1952.

So far Iran has won four golds:

Three in Graeco Roman Wrestling - the first Iranian golds in this event
One in weightlifting

Five silvers:

Two in Weightlifting
One in Taekwondo
One in  Freestyle Wrestling
and  the first Iranian medal in athletics.

And a weightlifting bronze

Two wrestlers compete today and the last two compete tomorrow. There is a good chance that the medal tally will increase.

I may loathe the Iranian regime but that does not extend to its athletes.


Knatolee said...

They did better than Canada!!

jams o donnell said...

It's been a mediocre games for Canada. But Canada does not do as well as it should at the summer games