13 August 2012

David Cameron is clearly the greatest post war PM

Not really but since the Olympics went extremely well and I enjoyed almost every minute I spent glued to the tv screen. There are plenty of specious statistics around so why not judge prime ministers by the average number of gold medals won by British athletes at each gamesduring their tenure as PM

At the top by a country mile is of course call-me Dave with 29 Golds

A long way back comes Gordon Brown with 19 golds
And in Bronze medal position comes Tony Blair with 10 golds (20 golds over two games)
Anthony Eden is in a plucky fourth place with six golds (won at Melbourne)
Margaret Thatcher places fifth with five (15 over three games)
narrowly beating Harold Wilson with 4.5 (won at Tokyo and Mexic.
Just behind is Heath with four
and a photo finish for eighth come John Major, Clement Attlee and Jim Callaghan
Harold MacMilan takes 11th place with two golds
but brining up the rear comes Winston Churchill with a single gold and celebrating last place with a huge brandy and a cigar.

Alc Duglas Home did not finisI can imagine that Call Me Dave would love to basse his enduring popularity on the success of the games. Somehow the double dip recession and many other things wil piss on his chips

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