13 August 2012

Labour v Tories at the Olympics

With the huge ggold medal hail over the last couple of weeks one would expect that  the UK does far better at olympic games when the Tories are in power than when Labour is in goernment.

Since 1896 and from the Marquis of Salisbury to Call Me Dave 15 of the 27  Olympiads actually staged took place when the country was led by a Tory prime minister (national governments and coalitions included) British athletes won a total of 88 gold medals at these games

From Ramsay McDonald to Gordon Brown a labour PM presided over nine games where British athletes won a  total of 67 gold medals

15 into 88 = 5.86 gold medals per games (5.9 when rounded up).

9 into 67 = 7.4 gold medals.

So it is clear that the UK does better at the )lympics when there is a Labour PM than when a Tory one is in Number 10.

Actually Liberal PMs do far better - 81 golds over three games  equates to 27 golds per games.

The answer is abundantly clear . It is vital for Team GB that Nick Clegg is PM come Rio!

Hmm pesoonally I think I would do with a few less golds than have that non entity in Number 10!

And that ends my specious olympic statistics.

Now to wait until the Paralympics start.  In the meantime  La Vuelta starts on Saturday. Heres cheering on Chris Froome.


Liz Hinds said...

Fascinating posts, jams! I'd settle for fewer golds and a halfway decent PM.

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Liz. Me too!

Claude said...

Bah humbug! Who wants a bunch of rusty gold medals? (says Claude, whose country got only one.......:(((

jams o donnell said...

Haha Claude!