13 July 2010

A shock rise in extreme sport deaths in Chinese prisons

The Australian carries an article about a worrying rise in extreme sports deaths in custodial centres in China.

It is believed that the Chinese authorities had introduced such activities to facilitate the rehabilitation process. Sadly the policy has had tragic events.

It was in the detention centre of Puning County in Yunnan where LI Qiaoming suffered fatal injuries from bumping into a wall while playing blind man's buff with fellow inmates. (Note: blind man’s buff is considered a full contact sport in China)

Yu Weiping died in Gaocun , Wendeng City, Shandong province. His family found small holes in his chest, which the detention centre claimed were caused by a stray spurt during competition acne

Well maybe not, but blind man’s buff and picking at acne spots were given as causes of death in a report by the Zhejiang Daily which has compiled brief accounts of such deaths, and has asked tough questions about the Detention Centre Management Bureau of the Public Security Ministry.

Other cases included a 57 year old man who died "by showering" and a student who died because "his sleeping position was improper".

A former director-general of the Detention Centre Management Bureau told the newspaper: "I listen (to these cases) and think it's ridiculous. Most are the result of beatings."

Well I’ll go to the foot of my stairs! I suppose blind man’s buff is a bit more original than “fell down the stairs” ...


James Higham said...

What are you doing reading The Australian?

jams o donnell said...

Ah the story came via Fortean Times breaking news

nursemyra said...

acne spurting? WTF?

jams o donnell said...

I jest of course Nursie but the excues given for killing inmates are amazing