16 July 2010

Stating the blindingly obvious

Prior to his first hofficial visit to the US as Prime Minister David Cameron has said "I believe in the special relationship. I think Britain is, of course, the junior partner...."

The words "No", "shit" and "Sherlock" spring to mind (and in that order too)


susan said...


Knatolee said...

At least you're a junior partner!! I think we're more like mail-boy. They often seem to forget that Canada exists, despite the fact that we are their largest trading partner, their largest supplier of oil (I have yet to meet an American who knows that, although I'm sure some do!) and their next-door neighbour.

We used to be their "best friend" until Bush said Great Britain was their "best friend"!

I love my American friends, but I wish they were a little more knowledgeable about the rest of the world!

jams o donnell said...

Actually I was glad that Cameron was reducing the delusion levle, Susan!

Ah yes Canada. It is ludicrous not to know more amout the neighbour with the longest land boundary!