14 January 2007


The first Snowdrops have appeared in the garden. This is a good sign as it will be crocuses next then Daffodils and before you know it, it the garden will be back in bloom again. This has been yet another mild winter so far We haven't got Daffodils growing yet as they do in the South West and certainly no dragonflies. Mercifully it isn't quite spring in January here at dunbullshitting.


Elizabeth-W said...

I thought you were going to show pictures of snow in your backyard!! I've got snow on the brain because woke up to a lovely dusting. As beautiful as your plants are, you'll be glad to not have snow.
Saw 100 year by Marquez--my favorite of his is love in the time of cholera.

jams o donnell said...

We don't get much snow here at all. Most winters we just get a few days when it settles. Last winter we had a number of flurries but I don't recall it settling at all. This makes me happy as I don't like the damned stuff at all!

I love GGM. Love in the Time of Cholera truly is a great book

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm a lazy gardener. I like the winter because I don't have to mow the lawn every week or weed anything. The only blooming at my house is me. Blooming idiot!

I heard a funny phrase this morning on Coast To Coast Radio and thought of you. Art Bell is a longtime lover of cats and keeps several. He said to a caller, "The Egyptians once worshipped cats. And they've never forgotten it!" The caller was talking about how he has an arrhythmia problem, and his little cat lays instinctively on his chest and purrs. He swears that the purring has some sort of ultrasonic quality to it that relieves his malady better than medicine. Quite interesting.

jams o donnell said...

Winter is the time for us to do nothig too akthough we should tidy up as there is crap everywhere out there.

There may be something in what the caller said. It is very possible that the low frequencies actually do ahve some curative properties.. there is some evidence that low frequences can speed up the healing of fractures.